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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another great story on people in the arts in the area: Heather Lagarde

Anyone who knows Saturday afternoon in the summer in Saxaphahaw also knows Heather Lagarde and her bright yellow plastic swan.  As the crowd, newborns to elders, sits on the grass listening to the music, snacking and drinking wine (well, not the newborns), Heather walks around with the swan taking offerings to the band.  It takes Heather quite a while to make the rounds and she does it several times.  It takes time for two reasons.  First, the event has become popular so there are many offerings to be accepted. Second, Heather knows everyone and everyone wants to chat with her, find out what's up and just say hi.

Sax on Saturday evening
So it was great to see the feature article in this Sunday's News & Observer on Heather and her journey to Saxapahaw. I'd come to know Heather when I was a resident in a Sax mill loft and then a mill house -- but I didn't know exactly how interesting her life and journey have been.  With the Haw River Ballroom opening May 27th with the Love Language and Old Ceremony, her journey takes a new and exciting turn.  Congratulations Heather and see you soon!
Heather Lagarde, © News & Observer


Saxapahaw Artists said...

heather has done some wonderful things in Saxapahaw, however Now Saxapahaw has an Art Gallery! the Saxapahaw Artists Gallery will be celebrating it's Grand Opening Exhibit this Friday May 6th from 6-9 PM. We are located right next to the Saxapahaw Post office and now occupy almost 4000 sf of The Historic Sellers Building. The Gallery will feature an outdoor wi-fi cafe and be the home to The Saxapahaw Art Center. There will be Open Studios and lots of classes and workshops. Come out Friday and visit, we will feature the work of 30 local and Regional Artists. Food/Refreshment and music by Justin Johnson.

Chris Beacham said...

I've been following the development of the new art gallery with great interest. It's amazing what has happened in the 4 years since I left Sax! I'll try to get out Friday but at some point I'll come out and do a blog post on what you guys are doing.