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Thursday, December 8, 2011

An occasional series on Carrboro galleries: Vespertine

I've been meaning to start a series on various galleries/art venues in Carrboro (and Chapel Hill). I'll start with a fairly new place that I have barely visited except virtually: Vespertine. Their story is here at their blog but you can like them on Facebook. For those not in Carrboro (or who like to do their shopping in slippers from the comfort of their keyboard) they have an Etsy site. And to completely fill in the social networking details, follow them on Twitter too.

So who are they? Glad you asked. She started in Pittsboro in 2008 or so but had been eying a spot in Carrboro:
This winter I had an amazing opportunity to open a second store in a space in Carrboro that I have admired (dreamed about) for years.  I used to gaze across at the beautiful windows when I worked at The Original Ornament nearly 10 years ago......

My Carrboro store is located in a wonderful old building at 118 B East Main Street. It is semi-connected to This and That Gift Gallery (we share doorways and the bathroom). I really lucked out with my building mates ~ not only are Joy and Paul really nice and fun, but Paul is a photographer! He generously took the super-cool 180 degree shot above.  That's my new view from my counter.
 The full Carrboro story is here. The view she speaks is below (not above!):

Go by and check them out for holiday presents or to treat yourself. Home furnishings, handmade jewelry, clothing, soaps, etc.

I bet they'll be open this Friday for 2nd Friday Artwalk!

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