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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What the "and more" ultimately meant

This week I wrote about the sold out Love Language show along with other upcoming shows.  Little did I know what the "and more" would ultimately mean.

After a forgettable opening act an unnamed band came out.  Thrashing, loud 2 minute songs.  I had no idea who they were but most of the audience did.  At first I thought they were some obnoxious headbanger thrash metal band.  Then I started listening to the lyrics and music and realizing that these guys really knew what they were doing.  Only after their set was over did I figure out that they were the legendary Archers of Loaf!  (Thanks to my iPhone and Twitter.)  They broke up the year I moved here (1998) but I'd never gotten around to listening to them.  All I can say is wow.  A video (not mine) below.

So I went for The Love Language and I was not disappointed.  Going big in music involves lots of things:  talent (sometimes), luck, promotion, exposure and serendipity.  Well, I think this band has the potential.  Hooks, suitably Indie but with a real feel for Phil Spector and mid 80s Smiths.  Terrific songs and a good band having fun doesn't hurt.

First though Mumblepop's vid of the Loaf doing Wrong.

And here's my vid of The Love Language doing Brittany's Back.

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