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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Focal Point Gallery: new gallery in Chapel Hill

Focal Point is a new gallery at 1215 E. Franklin St. next to Caffe Driade. From a press release:
Focal Point artists are local artists, Mira Pawlus, Kathy Alderman, Kelly Alderman, Jamie Hansen, Jolanta Kokot, Windy Lampson, Jude Lobe, Celine Meador, Elaine Pelkey-Herrick, Steven Reinhart, LouAnne Summers, and Emogene Wallace. They are currently taking applications for new exhibitors. Interested artists can get more information at http://ChapelHillFocalPoint.com
Artist and gallery manager, Mira Pawlus, states, "We began this gallery because we believe art is important for people to have in their homes and businesses and we want to provide affordable art to everyone." Jude Lobe, an exhibiting artist, continues Pawlus thoughts. "My motto is, Art is functional. It lifts your spirit every day." All the artists at Focal Point have the same belief, that is, art is important to our well-being.

The gallery is privately owned, but operated by the artists that exhibit. When visiting the gallery, you will always meet one or more of the artists.

The next featured exhibit is "Endangered Landscapes". It will open April 8th, the 2nd Friday Artwalk, 6 – 9 PM. Refreshments will be served.

Coral Dreamers By Mira Pawlus


Unknown said...

This is a lovely gallery. Very artsy wall space and interior. Not your typical bland, white-walled open spaced gallery.
Art is uplifting. Definitely worth a trip. Also, located next to the best coffee in town place, Caffe Driades.

Jamie Hansen said...

I always meet lots of fun people when I go down. The arts isn't just on the walls, it's in the windows and on the floors - great atmosphere!

Margaret said...

This is a spacious and beautiful gallery located right in front of Cafe Driade. There are acrylic, watercolor, and oil paintings, sculpture, jewelry, cards, and prints for sale. The artists staffing the gallery are friendly and welcoming. Definitely a cool and unpretentious art place in Chapel Hill.

PMG said...

Awesome art ! What a great new benefit to our community and way to support local artists. Nice variety of artwork for sale.