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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Carrack Gallery (Durham) 1st Birthday celebration!

The Carrack Gallery (Facebook page here) in Durham is free flowing, open, interesting, a bit irreverent and full of interesting people and art. They are having a first anniversary event this Saturday, May 26th from 2-11 with art, music, food, conversation and definitely fun. You can check out more info at the Facebook event page.
We've been at this for a year now and would love to celebrate with all of the people who helped make this possible and see some new faces who are sure to add to our story in the future.

Join us for a day of art, conversations, music, food and fun.

2 p.m. Carrack Salon - Artists are invited to bring their materials and work in the space, trade ideas and show off their process to the public.

7 p.m- - PARTY! Music and wine and food and art. Come celebrate.

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