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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Triangle ArtWorks Partner Network

Last Year I wrote about a fairly new non-profit in our region called Triangle Artworks. I am on the board with a bunch of talented and dedicated people. Our mission is:

MISSION: The mission of the Organization is to provide the services, support and resources necessary to cultivate and ensure a vibrant creative community in the Triangle region of North Carolina.
To learn more about us and see our directory of the arts resources in the Triangle please visit our website. We have launched a new partner program.

The Partner NetWork program
Triangle Artworks is thrilled to announce that we are officially launching our Partner NetWork program. To support this community as a business group, we need to begin to bring this community together. We need to create a platform and network for our work and programs, and to help the community communicate and work together on issues that benefit the community as a whole, or a particular segment.

Triangle ArtWorks simply cannot build this community network alone. ArtWorks will stand in the center as a clearing house, a convener and a center point. But there need to be "spokes on the wheel" leading out from ArtWorks into the community. When you become an ArtWorks Partner, you are saying "Yes! We support what ArtWorks is building for the Triangle and we are IN!"

For more information about the Partner NetWork click here. To sign up, click here.

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