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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cultureshed (kul'cher-shed)

From the Public Art Review magazine:

CULTURESHED (kul'cher-shed)

  1. A geographic region irrigated by streams of local talent and fed by deep pools of human and natural history.
  2. An area nourished by what is cultivated locally.
  3. The efforts of writers, performers, visual artists, scholars, farmers, and chefs who contribute to a vital and diverse local culture.
- Jay Salinas, Wormfarm Institute

Sounds a bit like Carrboro, yes?

PS. Yes I have been under a rock for, oh, 5-6 months now. I have crawled out and have rejoined the cyberworld. Look for more posts soon both here, my art blog, and also an update of my website

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