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Monday, February 15, 2010

Flyleaf Books -- Great new addition to the CH/Carrboro Scene!

When I was in Montpelier Vermont this past fall I was astounded with the number of indie bookstores (five) in the few blocks of their beautiful downtown.  Montpelier is a town of about 9,000 in a county of 60,000, in other words smaller than Carrboro and Orange County.  I was bitching to Karen about our limited book options and she questioned the feasibility of such a store in CH/Carrboro.

Loe and hehold but soon after that little argument, tiff, squabble, spat, disagreement, a test case opens!  While K questions the sanity of anyone opening indie bookstores in this day and age of the Internet, Amazon and the decline in western civilization, she sincerely hopes I win the bet.  (I won't mention what the bet was but I won't let her renege even if she claims there was no bet.)

So now we have Flyleaf Books in town!  It's located at 752 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (Historic Airport Rd) by Foster's in Chapel Hill .  As you can see it is quite spacious, bright and lovely inside.  They're friendly folks with grand ideas and a great love of books.  I'll let you visit their web page for the full story but please check it out and buy a book or two.


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