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Saturday, February 13, 2010

How about some local Carrboro/CH music?

The Carrboro Art Scene blog has stuck pretty much to visual arts but we (the royal Triangle we) produce some great music too.  From Supertramp and Archers of Loaf to Squirrel Nut Zippers and Ben Folds to Kingsbury Manx, Tift Meritt, and the Rosebuds the list goes on and on.

Let's listen to a "newer" band today. 

Roman Candle has been around a while but label troubles and the usual music business mess kept them a little under the radar.  Well they hit the radar big in 2009!  Their latest album, Oh Tall Tree in the Ear, is a literate, fun, catchy and basically great album that made several best of the year lists -- certainly mine.  It is hard for me to choose a favorite song so let's choose two.

[March 1: I've removed the mp3s so go to the website to listen.]

Why Modern Radio is A-OK is a combo of great lyrics, a wonderful storyline, name dropping (Merl Watson and Sir Patrick Spens) and catchy driving music.  Listen by clicking here or right click to save.  Then go buy the album here.

Woke Up This Morning is an ode to love and to the beauty of this world when things are going right.  As Skip Matheny sings "everything tastes good to me..."  Listen by clicking here or right click to save.  Then go buy the album again here.

Next week I'll post a mp3 or 2 of Old Ceremony.

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