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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carrboro Music Festival lineup announced for Sunday, September 25th 2011

The Carrboro Music Festival is always a fun event.  It is staged all over Carrboro, indoors and outdoors with an incredibly diverse lineup and it's.....free!  Be there, Sunday September 25th starting at 1 pm.

Find some good background info here and here.  A PDF of the lineup is here

My recommendation?  Walk around a lot, find something that sounds good and hang out.  Drink a beer.  Rinse and repeat. Here are a couple of things on my list:

3:00 Magnolia Klezmer Band- Eastern European Jewish party music at the ArtsCenter
5:00 The Kingsbury Manx at the Milltown patio
5:00 Tim Smith and Eileen Regan and Friends- the Big Celtic fun at the Town Commons- Weaver Street Realty Stage 
6:15 Tim Smith Band- Original World Soul Music at the Weaver Street Market
8:00 Mike Babyak’s Triple Fret- Rock, World, & Jazz at the GlassHalfull/Fifth Season Gardening lot
9:00 Triangle Jazz Orchestra- Big Band Swing also at the ArtsCenter 

and how about:

9:00 New Town Drunks- Stream of Consciousness Folk Rock  (Just because I like the name and the description of the music!)

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