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Monday, August 8, 2011

An article on cutting-edge online galleries

ArtInfo online is the place to go if you like following the art world beyond the friendly confines of the Paris of the Piedmont.  It keeps you up-to-date on US and international art happenings and has some wonderful reporters/bloggers with Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes my favorite.  I suggest signing up for the daily digest.  Last week they had an interesting focus on online art galleries.  Here's a sample:
Bubblebyte.org, run by English artist Rhys Coren and Italian new media curator Attilia Fattori Franchini is among the most active of the online-only spaces, presenting six unique solo exhibitions since January. "We love that the Internet can reach huge, diverse audiences and can bypass the bureaucracy of the whole commercial gallery/public space system," Coren wrote to me in an email. "We just realized we could get the work we loved out there for free."
Courtesy of BubbleByte.org

Check it out!

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