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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ron Liberti gets a 20-year career retrospective at the Ackland Museum Store

Ron Liberti posters, mostly for concerts at Cats Cradle and other Triangle clubs, are legendary in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. It's great to have a retrospective of his work showing at the excellent new Ackland Museum (UNC-Chapel Hill) store in downtown Chapel Hill. The Independent has a nice feature and here's a small sample.
Liberti's technique has steadily improved over the years—pivotally, he switched over from photocopying to screen-printing—but his essential vision has been remarkably consistent, blending hand-made care, punk energy, mischievous humor, and high-impact contemporary design. He favors manipulated faces, audacious fonts, space-warping background textures, and bold color blocks of electric neons and creamy pastels.
Camera Obscura -- Courtesy Ron Liberti

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