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This is my blog on the arts scene of Carrboro, Chapel Hill and surrounding Triangle communities. I'll focus on visual arts and the 2ndFriday Artwalk and other visual art events but that doesn't mean I won't chat about music, literary events, film or anything else in the local creative world. Please email with ideas, links, comments or brickbats. [I have comment moderation on so if you don't see your comment right away that means that I haven't had a chance to approve it yet. Sorry, but the spammers.....]

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inside the Artists Studio on WCOM FM 103.5

My first show filling in for Molly Matlock. To listen either tune in to 103.5 FM or go to http://wcomfm.org/ and click on the streaming link.

Here's who I'll be interviewing according to the Town of Chapel Hill's press release:
Chapel Hill welcomes the monks of Drepung Gomang Monastery; a window into another culture.  The tour begins with an opening ceremony on May 22, 2011 at 523 E. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, NC. The monks will complete their sacred sand mandala over the course of five days and will hold a deconstruction ceremony on May 30, 2011. The mandala construction site will be open to the public from May 22 until May 30.
The Mandala, Tibetan sand painting, is an ancient art form of Tibetan Buddhism. The mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “cosmogram” or “world in harmony.” Mandalas are drawings in three-dimensional forms of sand. In Tibetan, this art is called dul-tson-kyilkhor which means “mandala of colored powders.”  The monks begin by consecrating the site of the mandala sand painting with approximately 30 minutes of chants, music and mantra recitation. This event is visually and acoustically striking.
Throughout the monks visit, there will be classes for children and adults.  The classes include sand painting and creating butter sculptures in the Losar tradition taking place May 27-29.  100% of all proceeds go directly to support, educate, house, feed, and clothe nearly 2000 refugee monks living at the Drepung Gomang Monastery in Southern India.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The arts are not free!

The arts are always an easy mark when the government needs/wants to reduce spending.  Now when health, roads,  and schools are facing drastic cuts the arts are even under greater attack.  Here are a couple of articles that describe what is likely to the happen in NC if those in power in the legislature have their way:

The News & Observer
The Charlotte Observer

Do what you can.

Friday, May 20, 2011

And if you want to help the Scrap Exchange survive....

From their blog:

A Call for Volunteers

Hello fabulous community we need volunteers please! All are welcome....
The Liberty Warehouse tenants would love your help this weekend moving out of their spaces. We are all scrambling to get our stuff out by Monday May 23rd, and if you come to the Scrap at 548 Foster St. this weekend, we can also let you know about the others that need assistance.

Like Gloria Gaynor, the Scrap Exchange says "I Will Survive!"

Many of you have heard the news that a recent storm collapsed (literally) the roof over the head of the Scrap Exchange.  The city of Durham has condemned the building.  Paraphrasing John Belushi in "Goin' South" the Exchange said "We don't need this stinkin' building" and promptly moved across the street.

It is not going to be easy for this real treasure of the left half of the Triangle.  But they write "We’re operating from 539 Foster Street while we try to figure out what is coming next and what our options are."

To keep up with their journey back from the abyss check out their blog.  Musical interlude below the fold.

Town of Chapel Hill Locally Grown Rooftop Music and Movies

We (Carrboroites) have music on the grass at Weaver Street Market.  For those in the little town to our east their is music and a movie at Wallace Plaza on top of the Wallace Parking Deck at 150 East Rosemary Street.  Here's what they say about it:
It's official, folks!  This summer Locally Grown brings you an excellent line up of the areas most talented bands and sensational films guaranteed to spice up your Thursday evenings all summer long.  Pssst!  It's always free.

Bring a chair or blanket and come early to find your perfect seats.  Concerts and movies will begin June 23rd and run through August every Thursday night.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm on the radio now...well not this minute!

I will be a sometime host of the Inside the Artists Studio show on WCOM 103.5 Community Supported Radio serving Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Molly Matlock, Executive Director of Chatham Arts, has been hosting weekly but asked me and others if we could do shows to lessen her load.

Show details:

Tusedays from 4 - 5 pm.
Live stream @ www.wcomfm.org.
Inside the Arts blog

My first show will be next Tuesday, May 24th and I'll be speaking with a monk from the Drepung Gomang Monastery who is visiting the area on the Sacred Arts Tour 2011.  It ought to be interesting.  Send me questions ahead of time to lighten my load!  More info on their Facebook page, their website or the New York Times.  The Town of Chapel Hill press release is below.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

REMINDER: Tix available for the Love Language & Old Ceremony show in Sax

May 27th is the day!  This is a must go show to ring in the new Haw River BallroomGo here for tickets or stop in at the Saxapahaw General Store.

In a bit of self promotion.....I went to the Ticketfly site where you can buy tickets.  I scrolled down a bit and found the section describing Love Language.  It has a "Watch" button which opens up with my video (recorded on my iPhone) of LL doing "Brittany's Back" at Cats Cradle!  This is the link to the Ticketfly page or go straight to YouTube

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A one off on Superchunk

Here's an interview with Mac McCaughan of Superchunk and Merge Records fame on his and the band's love for the cult band The Misfits

UNC Ackland Art Museum store opens on Franklin Street

The long awaited Ackland Museum Store opens today (3 minutes ago actually) on the corner of Franklin and Columbia in downtown Chapel Hill, just a stones throw from the Museum itself.  Here's what they say about the store:
The Store's inventory includes home d├ęcor items such as pottery, glass, and metalwork; kitchen and tabletop items; jewelry and accessories; children's toys and books; and stationery. Books about art history and criticism, contemporary art and design, and culture and lifestyles are also available, as well as books by UNC and regional authors and artists' monographs.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another great story on people in the arts in the area: Heather Lagarde

Anyone who knows Saturday afternoon in the summer in Saxaphahaw also knows Heather Lagarde and her bright yellow plastic swan.  As the crowd, newborns to elders, sits on the grass listening to the music, snacking and drinking wine (well, not the newborns), Heather walks around with the swan taking offerings to the band.  It takes Heather quite a while to make the rounds and she does it several times.  It takes time for two reasons.  First, the event has become popular so there are many offerings to be accepted. Second, Heather knows everyone and everyone wants to chat with her, find out what's up and just say hi.