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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This just in! Free show tomorrow, Thursday Sept 1 at Cat's Cradle!

Yesterday as I arrived at WCOM 103.5 FM for an interview I had with Georges le Chevallier (more on that later), I noticed a bunch of construction over at the front of Cats Cradle and the old Visart.  I just figured it was renovation for the arrival of Fleet Feet which is leaving Carr Mill Mall for this larger space.  Maybe that is part of it but more importantly from this humble blogger's point of view is the news that Cat's Cradle is undergoing renovations.  I leave the details for the Triangle's best music site. The specific post is here. (Hint: you'll now enter from the right side of the building, not the front.)

Renovations are nice but that's not my purpose today.  To celebrate Frank and the Cradle are hosting a free show tomorrow night, Thursday Sept 1 with Old Ceremony (yeah!) and the Tomahawks.  Be there at 8 and remember, the door's to the right.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UNC Community Chorus Project performing REM's "Everybody Hurts"

32 local high schoolers performing the REM song on YouTube. We've got talent here!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Food can be art, right?

Core Sound Seafood is a CSF (community supported fishery) along the lines of a CSA (community supported agriculture) system.  They are in the signup period for the 2011 Fall shares.  There will be 10 pickup days starting Thursday, September 2011.

CSF works with a team of fishermen and women who fish in the Core Sound of North Carolina.  You can buy full and half shares with weekly or bi-weekly deliveries.  They have drop off locations in Raleigh, Durham and Carrboro.  The Carrboro pick-up time is from 4:30-6:30 pm at Carrboro Shopping Plaza off of Hwy 54.  Here's their description of what they do. 
Core Sound Seafood was started as a way to connect the fishermen of Down East Carteret County, North Carolina to a viable, local market.  Most of the fishermen that make up this coastal community have been fishing all their lives – often they can trace their fishing heritage back four or five generations. Sadly, these fishermen are increasingly leaving their life on the water as global markets, community economic loss, rising fuel prices and decreasing buying prices threaten their livelihood.  Our goal is to provide a market to these fishermen and their families by offering locally caught, fresh seafood to the Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Raleigh community through weekly CSF (community supported fishery) shares. We also utilize locally owned, Down East businesses to help provide items like hand-picked, fresh crab meat to shares. 
Eddie, Alison and Anna are great folks and doing a wonderful job bringing delicious and sustainably harvested seafood to us while supporting the fishing industry by cutting out the middlemen.  Highly recommended!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It looks like another really good show at the Ackland starting September 9th

Karen and I went to a show at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in DC recently.  It was a well reviewed show that highlighted art work owned by local collectors.  While there were some highlights like a Chuck Close portrait of his father-in-law, it was overall rather humdrum and disappointing.

The UNC-CH Ackland museum is doing something similar, starting September 9th through December 4, and the list of artists suggests this should be, in contrast to the DC show, a doozy!  From their website:
Gathered from the private collections of more than 45 alumni of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carolina Collects: 150 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art brings together nearly 90 hidden treasures by some of the most renowned artists of the modern era.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Instructor Open House at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro

Information on an open house at the ArtsCenter
Instructor Open House,
2-5pm, Saturday, August 27
at The ArtsCenter!
Meet our ArtSchool Instructors, and see free demonstrations of ceramics, jewelry making, stained glass, photo darkroom, bellydance, collage, digital arts, and MUCH more!
Discounts on Fall Courses will be available during the Open House!
We hope to see you here!

To register for an ArtSchool class, or to browse our fall catalog online, click here.

Thanks so much for your support of The ArtsCenter!
Phaedra Kelly
ArtSchool Director

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Never thought I'd include Monkey Bottom in a post title...

...but here it is.  The Monkey Bottom Collaborative is a new four artist collaborative in the heart of Durham.  Their grand goal "is to foster the creative community spirit in Durham" in their space at 609 Trent Drive.  Check them out at their blog or click their Like button on Facebook.  I can't wait to visit!

From http://themonkeybottom.blogspot.com/
As an aside my friend Maggi Grace is planning the launch party for Sixth Sense Caring there soon.  For more on the Sixth Sense Caring project go here or there.   In a nutshell "Sixth Sense Caring introduces a unique framework to personalize and enrich the caregiving experience."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carrboro Music Festival lineup announced for Sunday, September 25th 2011

The Carrboro Music Festival is always a fun event.  It is staged all over Carrboro, indoors and outdoors with an incredibly diverse lineup and it's.....free!  Be there, Sunday September 25th starting at 1 pm.

Find some good background info here and here.  A PDF of the lineup is here

My recommendation?  Walk around a lot, find something that sounds good and hang out.  Drink a beer.  Rinse and repeat. Here are a couple of things on my list:

3:00 Magnolia Klezmer Band- Eastern European Jewish party music at the ArtsCenter
5:00 The Kingsbury Manx at the Milltown patio
5:00 Tim Smith and Eileen Regan and Friends- the Big Celtic fun at the Town Commons- Weaver Street Realty Stage 
6:15 Tim Smith Band- Original World Soul Music at the Weaver Street Market
8:00 Mike Babyak’s Triple Fret- Rock, World, & Jazz at the GlassHalfull/Fifth Season Gardening lot
9:00 Triangle Jazz Orchestra- Big Band Swing also at the ArtsCenter 

and how about:

9:00 New Town Drunks- Stream of Consciousness Folk Rock  (Just because I like the name and the description of the music!)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ron Liberti gets a 20-year career retrospective at the Ackland Museum Store

Ron Liberti posters, mostly for concerts at Cats Cradle and other Triangle clubs, are legendary in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. It's great to have a retrospective of his work showing at the excellent new Ackland Museum (UNC-Chapel Hill) store in downtown Chapel Hill. The Independent has a nice feature and here's a small sample.
Liberti's technique has steadily improved over the years—pivotally, he switched over from photocopying to screen-printing—but his essential vision has been remarkably consistent, blending hand-made care, punk energy, mischievous humor, and high-impact contemporary design. He favors manipulated faces, audacious fonts, space-warping background textures, and bold color blocks of electric neons and creamy pastels.
Camera Obscura -- Courtesy Ron Liberti

An article on cutting-edge online galleries

ArtInfo online is the place to go if you like following the art world beyond the friendly confines of the Paris of the Piedmont.  It keeps you up-to-date on US and international art happenings and has some wonderful reporters/bloggers with Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes my favorite.  I suggest signing up for the daily digest.  Last week they had an interesting focus on online art galleries.  Here's a sample:
Bubblebyte.org, run by English artist Rhys Coren and Italian new media curator Attilia Fattori Franchini is among the most active of the online-only spaces, presenting six unique solo exhibitions since January. "We love that the Internet can reach huge, diverse audiences and can bypass the bureaucracy of the whole commercial gallery/public space system," Coren wrote to me in an email. "We just realized we could get the work we loved out there for free."
Courtesy of BubbleByte.org

Check it out!

Less than 2 weeks to submit your film to the Carrboro Film Fest at the discounted rate!

August 20 is the last date to get a price break on your film submittal to the 6th Annual Carrboro Film Festival.  After that the price goes from a measly $10 per film to an outrageous $15 per film.  But, hey, a fiver is a couple of cups of coffee or two cheap beers!