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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The East End Holiday Craft Shop Pop-Up

There is a good bit of interest in the Triangle in creating an energetic pop-up art scene. Pop-ups typically find temporary uses for underutilized space where artists, collectives, art groups, etc. take advantage of the surplus of available space in many of our towns and cities. I'm on the board of Triangle ArtWorks and we're researching options to identify sites, examine the legal and financial issues and gauge the interest of the various parties -- downtown development, artists, real estate owners and agents -- in using free space (free as in available and perhaps free as in rent-free or low rent). It can be a win-win for all parties but we are particularly interested in wins for artists and art groups.

Many of you are familiar with the small space in front of the main area of the ArtsCenter in downtwon Carrboro. The ArtsCenter has used the space for temporary exhibits that mostly revolve around the 2ndFriday Artwalk. The East End Holiday Craft Shop is a little different. There's some good info on the project at their Facebook page.

Yesterday I popped in to the pop-up to see what was happening there. There's a wide range of arts and crafts materials -- interesting multimedia art pieces, cool silk screened t shirts and other clothing, jewelry, home goods, etc -- all made by local, independent artists and craftspeople.

River, one of the artists pictured below gave me some background. Check it out. You know you need presents for somebody, right?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Local artists interested in joining a Chapel Hill gallery?

The Focal Point Gallery at 1215 East Franklin in Chapel Hill is accepting artist applications. The gallery is near Cafe Driad and near the campus. Go here to apply. I haven't visited yet but the photo on their webpage shows a pretty impressive space.

Reminder: Karen Stone Reception this Friday Dec 9 at Carrboro Town Hall

In November I mentioned that the wonderful artist Karen Stone had a reception for her show of paintings and photos at the Town of Carrboro Town Hall at 301 W. Main Street, map here.

She's at it again this Friday from 6-9 pm with lovely art, photos and good snacks and wine. Come by and visit with us and see the art including some new photos since she sold several pieces last month. A couple of samples are below. See you tomorrow!

An occasional series on Carrboro galleries: Vespertine

I've been meaning to start a series on various galleries/art venues in Carrboro (and Chapel Hill). I'll start with a fairly new place that I have barely visited except virtually: Vespertine. Their story is here at their blog but you can like them on Facebook. For those not in Carrboro (or who like to do their shopping in slippers from the comfort of their keyboard) they have an Etsy site. And to completely fill in the social networking details, follow them on Twitter too.

So who are they? Glad you asked. She started in Pittsboro in 2008 or so but had been eying a spot in Carrboro:
This winter I had an amazing opportunity to open a second store in a space in Carrboro that I have admired (dreamed about) for years.  I used to gaze across at the beautiful windows when I worked at The Original Ornament nearly 10 years ago......

My Carrboro store is located in a wonderful old building at 118 B East Main Street. It is semi-connected to This and That Gift Gallery (we share doorways and the bathroom). I really lucked out with my building mates ~ not only are Joy and Paul really nice and fun, but Paul is a photographer! He generously took the super-cool 180 degree shot above.  That's my new view from my counter.
 The full Carrboro story is here. The view she speaks is below (not above!):

Go by and check them out for holiday presents or to treat yourself. Home furnishings, handmade jewelry, clothing, soaps, etc.

I bet they'll be open this Friday for 2nd Friday Artwalk!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today this is the Carrboro Love Scene blog

Forwarding from a friend:
Do you love Carrboro?  Are you single?  Have you ever wanted to be on TV?  Do you want to be in love?

If you, or anyone you know is single, and interested in applying for Oprah's new show Lovetown, USA. Find the link to the application and contact info below.  You/they must live in Carrboro.  Please forward and spread the word!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Part 1: A fond farewell to the Carolina Collects Exhibit at the Ackland

The Ackland Museum on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the last bit redundant in my mind) is a terrific resource for the art community. Easy to get to by foot, bike and bus with a very good permanent collection and free. Did I mention free?

They have had some excellent shows during the 15 or so years I've lived here but none approach the recently closed Carolina Collects exhibition. And forget any IMHO idea. I wrote about it here when you, dear reader, had a chance to go. No more.

I rode the bike over Sunday for the final day of the exhibit. Walked into the Ackland in my paint splattered, ragged jeans and the ratty old Man Ray t-shirt looking like someone who the people at the corner liquor store would react to by reaching down for the double barrel shotgun they keep under the counter for just such an occasion. The Ackland staff didn't blink.

On the other hand they did take the weapon from my hand -- that being the pen I started to write with in my little journal to record notes on the show. The guard was quite the gentleman and brought me a pencil; apparently the acceptable implement for recording musings on art. I'm guessing they feel like one should have the flexibility to change one's mind. I was rating paintings on an arbitrary 5 star scale and several times changed my mind and needed the eraser. So I'm thinking they had a point.

I started in the modern room, mostly post 1970. I wanted to move counterclockwise through the rooms ending at the beginning. Don't ask why. The modern room mostly left me unmoved but maybe I don't have the guts. The small Louise Bourgeois sculpture Henrietta is quite lovely but I prefer LB at her most eccentric and this is a bit tame. The Gerhard Richter 1992 untitled abstract was interesting with its scraped paints and striations suggesting skyscrapers in sedate blues and greys. But these were post-60 pieces by older artists. My fav here was a pair of large (maybe 3' tall) ceramics by Betty Woodman, very Matisse-like constructions with beautiful colors, shapes and textures. Either the owners don't have children or grandkids or they lock them away when the kiddies come by to visit. They'd be too, too fun to play with! I expect that Humpty Dumpty would be pretty hard to put together again.

I'll end part one of this look at Carolina Collects by noting that the NYT has an interesting article on Betty's daughter Francesca Woodman. Francesca was a photographer who died at 22 from a suicide leaving a pretty amazing portfolio for someone so young. What a tragedy.

Part 2 coming soon wherein I yawn at a Calder piece but exalt over a couple of photos from Sally Mann and Irving Penn.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Paul Simon Kicks Ass at the DPAC

Great seats BTW

Okay whine about your age all you want. Just don't bring your complaints to 70-year old Paul Simon.

Instead he brought his A-game to the wonderful Durham Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, Dec 1. What a setlist: a great selection of originals (including three from the new album) spanning nearly 50 years with a few choice covers performed over 2 hrs. Take that Mick Jagger.

It's difficult to pick a favorite from the show but it's hard to beat Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes which got the respectful but reserved crowd on their feet. I'm not sure I'm ready to go as far as David Menconi in his N&O review of the show, who called the band one of the best he'd ever seen, but he's not far off. Not only are they all multi-talented but everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives (and why not?)

If you get a chance to go see this tour -- do it!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Carrack Gallery Kickstarter update!

As of today the Carrack Gallery Kickstarter campaign has 194 backers for a total of $12,200. In other words, they made it! There is still some time (till Saturday) to add to the total and help the gallery out even more.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Durham's Carrack Gallery nearing its Kickstarter goal! Help!

Here's another very worthy place to put your dollars. The Carrack Gallery in Durham is a....well let's let them describe themselves:
The Carrack Modern Art is a zero-commission, no-strings-attached exhibit space for artists in the downtown area of Durham, NC. We stay open entirely on donations from the community and encourage artists to take full control of their shows... why? There is a simple premise: by being entirely zero-commission, non-commercial and open to all artists to have one day, one weekend, and up to two week shows, we free the artists from any curatorial pressures and provide them with a high quality space to put on the best possible shows. To artists, we simply say: “Yes, you can do it here, put on a great show and good luck.” To the community, we say: “Come to the Carrack!” See for yourself, we're located at 111 West Parrish Street, Durham, NC 27701.
Gallery Director Laura Ritchie and artist John Wendelbo with one of his sculptures
But they could do more with a kickstart:
So far, the community has supported us and kept the space open entirely through grassroots donations but, as we switch gears and build a program of ever more ambitious exhibits, we need some degree of certainty as to the roof over our heads. We have a fantastic exhibit space in the heart of downtown Durham, help us raise a full twelve months of rent to secure this great space for the artistic community to use!
With rent secured for a full year, we will have a sturdy platform to build upon the existing synergies already underway at the Carrack in a substantial, meaningful manner.
Go to Kickstarter to help them get over the top! They are trying to raise $12,000 and you could be the one to put them over the top as 178 people including yours truly have already pledged $11,650. If you don't know about Kickstarter the project is only funded if they get pledges at least as much as the goal. So if by 4pm on December 3rd Carrack has only $11,999 pledged then they get nothing. Nada, zilch, zero. And my pledge is burning a hole in my pocket and dearly wants to go to this project.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Carrboro Film Fest Video Opener

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Town of Carrboro the Film Fest Committee developed an opening video for the standing room only crowd. Matthew Krieg filmed and Nic Beery of BeeryMedia produced. I "played" UNC President Francis P. Venable.  

Carrboro was first known as West Of as in "west of Chapel Hill" and then Venable after the UNC president of the time.  Along came cigarette magnate Julian Carr (an interesting if sometimes despicable character) who provided electricity and streets in return for having the town named after him. He was a bit too uppity to actually live in Carrboro though! Check out Jackie Helvey's Carrboro site for more on the town history. The video is below:

Carrboro Film Festival Show Opener 2011 from BeeryMedia.com on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Periodic artist apportunities from the NC Arts Council

The NC Arts newsletters are a great way to keep up with opportunities for all kinds of artists.  Check back often.

The 2011 Carrboro Film Festival was a great success!

The 6th Annual Carrboro Film Festival was held this past Sunday, November 20th with 29 excellent short movies produced by filmmakers with North Carolina and Carrboro ties in front of a standing room only crowd. A committee of dedicated film lovers had to narrow down nearly 100 films to 29, about 15 hours to 3 1/2 and then choose winners amongst the 29. It was a tough but rewarding effort and I want to thank all the committee members including the chair Nic Beery. As always the Town of Carrboro staff, led by Kim Andrews, was invaluable in making the festival go so smoothly. Lastly I want to thank all our sponsors (visit the link above to see the list) including that little village to our east, the Town of Chapel Hill, which made a generous donation.

Here are the winning films:

Audience Awards:
Wiggle Room and Scraps

Festival Commitee Awards:
Best Pro Film: El Caffinato
Best Student Film: Nite Lite
Cinematography: Scraps
Best Animation: Wiggle Room
Best Documentary Film: One Night in Kernersville
Best Narrative Fiction: DEVILING
Best Acting: Robert Haulbrook in DEVILING

Photo courtesy of Jackie Helvey

Monday, November 21, 2011

KickStarter campaign for a non-profit gallery in downtown Durham

From my friend Steven Silverleaf:
This is an appeal for your help. Don't want to read this whole email? Get straight to the point by clicking here

I am writing to a few of my (mostly) local artists friends to call your attention to a wonderful new exhibit space in downtown Durham, The Carrack Modern Art Gallery. It is located right in the heart of the city on Parrish Street, right across the street from the Mechanics and Farmers Bank. I know some of you already know about it and may have even shown work there. For others, this is an introduction.

As you know, there are very limited exhibit opportunities for visual artists in Durham even though the art scene here is growing by the minute. The Carrack is a non profit gallery model we can all get behind. Here is why.  First of all it is a beautiful space with lots of wall footage for hanging work, plenty of open space for sculpture, decent lighting, and a convenient location even though there are still some accessibility issues to resolve. Second, the space is open to suggestions from artists for exhibits in a generous two-week rotation (sometimes less). Third, it has already shown itself to be a popular gathering space, able to put on a fine opening party and draw appreciative audiences. Finally, it is a commission free space for artists to exhibit and sell their work. Did I say no commissions for sales? Yes. You keep what you get unless you wish to donate a portion to the gallery (something I strongly encourage). Sounds good, right?

That brings me to the point of this email. The Carrack is trying to raise enough money to operate for a full year to fully develop the model of a free access, open gallery for local artists. You can help by making a pledge of any amount through the gallery's Kickstarter Campaign. Here is how it works. You make a pledge of any amount toward the $12K goal. If enough people contribute and the goal is reached, you pay your pledged amount and receive one of the premium gifts and the satisfaction of knowing that you made it happen.  If the goal is not reached, you owe nothing. Fair enough? There are about three weeks left in the campaign so get right on it.

I have already made my pledge. I hope you will add your name to the list of supporters on Kickstarter. Oh, one more thing. Please help spread the word. If we as artists don't get behind things that help us, who will? I

All the best,


Jim Lee --- Bamboo Turtle Studio
Website: http://www.bambooturtle.us
Blog: http://bambooturtle.blogspot.com/

Rock Nest Monster:http://www.bambooturtle.us/Rock_Nest_Monster.html

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweet Baby James Taylor in Cary next Friday to support President Obama!

From my email:

Chris --

One of North Carolina's favorite singer-songwriters will be back in the state for a special concert in support of President Obama. On Friday, November 18th, James Taylor will be joining us for an evening in Cary -- and you're invited.

James has been a long-time supporter of the President. He gave five concerts during the 2008 election and performed at the Presidential Inauguration. That's why he's stepped up to help build this campaign again, with just a year to go.

Can you make it? Here are the details:

What: Obama Victory Fund 2012 - Concert with James Taylor

Where: The Cary Arts Center
101 Dry Avenue
Cary, NC 27511

When: Friday, November 18th, 2011
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

Not only will this be a night to hear some great music from a five-time Grammy award winner and North Carolina native, it will also be an opportunity to get together with other campaign supporters and talk about the year ahead.

We're gearing up all over the country -- including in North Carolina -- to build the grassroots structure and neighborhood teams that will lead us to victory in 2012.

That means opening up field offices, hiring field staff, engaging volunteers, and hitting the streets to share why we need to protect our progress and re-elect President Obama.

Help support that work and enjoy the music of James Taylor by joining us in Cary on November 18th:




Rufus Gifford
National Finance Director
Obama for America

Poetry Reading Friday, November 11, 7:30 p.m. at the Ackland Museum Store

From Jay Bryan, Poet Laureate of Carrboro:

On Friday, November 11, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., there will be a reading of poems by Stephanie Levine, Grey Brown and myself at the Museum Store at 100 East Franklin Street. 
Here is a link to a web page about Stephanie - http://stephanielevin.com/?page_id=24, and a link to Grey Brown's web page - http://www.greybrownpoetry.com/.
Hope you might be able to come!
The Ackland Museum Store is at 100 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill 2751 at the corner of Columbia in downtown Chapel Hill.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Arts vanity license plates

From the Orange County Arts Commission:
ARTS SPECIALTY LICENSE PLATE. Help support Arts North Carolina by purchasing a specialty license plate! $20 of every plate sold goes to Arts North Carolina “to promote the arts” each year the plate is renewed. $10 of every plate sold goes back to North Carolina for the wildflower program, tourism, and welcome center accessibility. Cost: $30 in addition to your yearly car registration; $20 tax-deductible as a charitable donation. For more information please visit http://www.artsnc.org/support-join/license-plate/
 For me that would require that I actually have a car!

Manitowoc, WI bicycle license plate
From Andrew T. on Flickr

Monday, November 7, 2011

Karen Stone Art Reception at Carrboro Town Hall This Friday, Nov 11th 6-9 pm

My partner Karen has a reception for her new show of photographs and paintings this Friday 6-9 pm, Nov 11th at the Carrboro Town Hall, 301 W. Main Street in Carrboro during the 2nd Friday Artwalk. The photos are mostly macro and the paintings were done mostly with credit cards instead of brushes. Wonderful work by my sweetie! (And most is for sale ;-)

Oh and we pour pretty decent wine at our receptions!

Rusted Lock

Chicago, acrylics on canvas, 24 x 18

Monday, October 31, 2011

Triangle ArtWorks -- a new Triangle non-profit promotes the region's arts

New is a relative term, Triangle ArtWorks was founded in August 2010 with the following mission:

MISSION: The mission of the Organization is to provide the services, support and resources necessary to cultivate and ensure a vibrant creative community in the Triangle region of North Carolina.
Basically we (I'm on the Board) want to be the glue for the Triangle art community. One thing we've done is to create an Arts Directory that links to organizations and businesses.  Follow the link if you want to add an entry or suggest a new category. We also maintain a directory of resources for artists available here. Check it out and let us know if you have suggestions.

We, of course, don't ignore the social media. Join us:

Facebook page
Tritter account @ TriArtWorks
RSS feed

Artists make more than the average worker!?

A recent National Endowment for the Arts study reports that, on average, artists make over $43,000 per year. Hmmm, I'm guessing George Clooney, Jeff Koons and Lady Gaga sort of skew the average a bit!  Here's the NYT's lead in:
Artists in America constitute a tiny portion of the nation’s work force, but they tend to be more entrepreneurial, better educated and, with a median salary of $43,230, better paid than the average worker by nearly $4,000...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Good site for artist opportunitities in North Carolina

Are you looking for opportunities for funding your art?  The NC Arts Everyday site includes a page that tracks arts opportunities both inside and outside the state.  It's updated every couple of weeks.  Good luck!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Award to the Town of Chapel Hill for a green artwork

The American Society of Landscape Architects recognized the Town of Chapel Hill for a unique stormwater project that doubles as a sculpture. The project called H2O Flow was designed by artist Michael Roy Layne. Well done Chapel Hill! The project can be seen from the patio outside Council Chambers at Town Hall.

Friday, October 14, 2011

West End Poets Festival tomorrow, Saturday Oct 15th!

The Town of Carrboro is hosting a free day of poetry reading at the Carrboro Century Center (100 N. Greensboro St) in Century Hall, tomorrow October 15th.  The day begins at 11 and runs all the way to 11 at night.  The festival includes a southern buffet dinner and social starting at 6 pm with the East Cackalacky band providing entertainment.  

The local group Sacrificial Poets will host a youth slam at 9:15pm in conjunction with the festival. Open for ages 13-19: 3 rounds with 3:30 time limit per poem. The winner will earn a spot in the 2012 Sacrificial Poets Grand Slam Finals. Top three poets will also receive prizes.

West End Poets Festival
October 15, 2011
Carrboro century Center
Final Schedule

11:00-11:15-             Marta Nuñez-Pouzols
11:20-11:35-             Chris Slydel
11:40-11:55-             Guillermo Parra
12:00-12:15-             Alice Osborn
12:20-12:35            Joseph Fletcher
12:40-12:55-            Ricky Garni
1:00-1:15-             Malaika King Albrecht
1:20-1:35-             J. Peter Moore
1:40-1:55-             Jodi Barnes

25 Minute Break

2:20-2:35-            Dianne Timblin
2:40-2:55-             David Need
3:00-3:15-             Hassan Melehy
3:20-3:35-             Magdalena Zurawski|
3:40-3:55-             Allison Curseen
4:00-4:15-             Jay Bryan
4:20-4:35-             Grey Brown
4:40-4:55-             Maura High
5:00-5:15-             Tyler Johnson
5:20-5:35-             Susan Spalt

6:00-7:15             Poets’ Social with Special Guest the East Cackalacky Band
Southern Buffet Dinner will be provided
Carrboro Century Hall

7:25-7:40-             Joanna Catherine Scott
7:45-8:00-             Chris Vitiello
8:05-8:20-             Laura Jaramillo
8:25-8:40-             Patrick Herron
8:45-9:00-             Brian Howe

Sacrificial Poets will host a youth slam at 9:15pm in conjunction with the festival. Open for ages 13-19: 3 rounds with 3:30 time limit per poem. The winner will earn a spot in the 2012 Sacrificial Poets Grand Slam Finals. Top three poets will also receive prizes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wow! Ackland "Carolina Collects" Exhibit even better than expected

Awhile back I wrote about the upcoming opening of the new exhibit at the UNC-CH Ackland Museum called Carolina Collects.  The idea behind the show was to borrow and display art owned by graduates of UNC and then use the exhibit as a springboard to give people ideas on how one builds a personal art collection.

Karen and I had visited a similar show at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery in DC where they displayed art collected by people who live in the DC metro area.  We were disappointed.  Sure there was an amazing Chuck Close and a few other pieces of interest but on the whole it was pretty humdrum.  I wondered how The Ackland would do particularly because they were drawing from a much smaller population.

Not to worry!  This is a very special collection of pieces spanning the last 200 years of art but mostly from the 20th century.

There are some lesser pieces by great artists like the Picasso (but then again Picasso's okay work is pretty damn fine).   I could do without the Rousseau which I found a rather strange composition.  I am a huge Jules Olitski fan but his piece, one of the largest in the exhibition, is a bit drab.  Okay, so it's not a perfect show.  And the Ackland is an odd space -- some rooms work and others don't but one deals with what one has.

Ahh, but the high points are very high (and there a bunch of them too!)  There is a fine Joan Mitchell (IMO one of the greatest AbEx artists) and an exciting piece by the great artist and even greater teacher Hans Hoffman.  The Marsden Hartley blew me away and the claustrophobic Alice Neel scared me a bit.  I could go on and on -- wonderful examples by Yayoi Kusama, Milton Avery, Richard Diebenkorn, Thomas Hart Benton, Gerhard Richter, Thomas Dove, etc.  Some fine sculpture too from David Smith and especially Henry Moore.  Photography as well though I'm blanking on what impressed me there.

Perhaps my favorite is by an artist I'd never heard of and I can't remember his name.  I'll be going back and I'll report on it.

Conclusion:  this is a must see for Triangle art lovers.  It's up there with the Picasso and the Allure of Language and Felrath Hines and Alma Thomas exhibits at the Nasher as best in class.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My tickets to the Jayhawks Oct 26th show at Carolina Theatre available

My loss, your gain. I have two very good tickets to the Jayhawks show at the Carolina Theatre on Oct 26th. I have a board conflict which is like, a bummer. Row J Seats 2 and 4 Main Floor-Orchestra Level Right Side of Theatre. Total price $93 including TicketBastard charges. Let me know!

Georges le Chevallier on "Inside the Artist's Studio" on WCOM FM

I had a wonderful conversation with artist Georges le Chevallier Tuesday while filling in as host for Molly Matlock on her "Inside the Artist's Studio" radio show on WCOM FM 103.5.  The show runs weekly on Tuesday's from 4-5.  Go to the website to stream live.  We'll have a podcast of the interview soon.

Georges Le Chevallier is an artist, traveler, photographer, teacher, chef, husband, father and philanthropist with his time.  Plus, judging from our conversation, a great guy to chat and, I'm betting, have a beer or two with.  We'll get around to that some time.

I can't do Georges' life justice in this short space so I'll just link to his various web activities.  Go check out his art and his remarkably interesting life.

Facebook page
His very interesting blog
His Twitter feed

Here are Georges (on the left) and me in the studio:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This just in! Free show tomorrow, Thursday Sept 1 at Cat's Cradle!

Yesterday as I arrived at WCOM 103.5 FM for an interview I had with Georges le Chevallier (more on that later), I noticed a bunch of construction over at the front of Cats Cradle and the old Visart.  I just figured it was renovation for the arrival of Fleet Feet which is leaving Carr Mill Mall for this larger space.  Maybe that is part of it but more importantly from this humble blogger's point of view is the news that Cat's Cradle is undergoing renovations.  I leave the details for the Triangle's best music site. The specific post is here. (Hint: you'll now enter from the right side of the building, not the front.)

Renovations are nice but that's not my purpose today.  To celebrate Frank and the Cradle are hosting a free show tomorrow night, Thursday Sept 1 with Old Ceremony (yeah!) and the Tomahawks.  Be there at 8 and remember, the door's to the right.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UNC Community Chorus Project performing REM's "Everybody Hurts"

32 local high schoolers performing the REM song on YouTube. We've got talent here!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Food can be art, right?

Core Sound Seafood is a CSF (community supported fishery) along the lines of a CSA (community supported agriculture) system.  They are in the signup period for the 2011 Fall shares.  There will be 10 pickup days starting Thursday, September 2011.

CSF works with a team of fishermen and women who fish in the Core Sound of North Carolina.  You can buy full and half shares with weekly or bi-weekly deliveries.  They have drop off locations in Raleigh, Durham and Carrboro.  The Carrboro pick-up time is from 4:30-6:30 pm at Carrboro Shopping Plaza off of Hwy 54.  Here's their description of what they do. 
Core Sound Seafood was started as a way to connect the fishermen of Down East Carteret County, North Carolina to a viable, local market.  Most of the fishermen that make up this coastal community have been fishing all their lives – often they can trace their fishing heritage back four or five generations. Sadly, these fishermen are increasingly leaving their life on the water as global markets, community economic loss, rising fuel prices and decreasing buying prices threaten their livelihood.  Our goal is to provide a market to these fishermen and their families by offering locally caught, fresh seafood to the Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Raleigh community through weekly CSF (community supported fishery) shares. We also utilize locally owned, Down East businesses to help provide items like hand-picked, fresh crab meat to shares. 
Eddie, Alison and Anna are great folks and doing a wonderful job bringing delicious and sustainably harvested seafood to us while supporting the fishing industry by cutting out the middlemen.  Highly recommended!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It looks like another really good show at the Ackland starting September 9th

Karen and I went to a show at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in DC recently.  It was a well reviewed show that highlighted art work owned by local collectors.  While there were some highlights like a Chuck Close portrait of his father-in-law, it was overall rather humdrum and disappointing.

The UNC-CH Ackland museum is doing something similar, starting September 9th through December 4, and the list of artists suggests this should be, in contrast to the DC show, a doozy!  From their website:
Gathered from the private collections of more than 45 alumni of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carolina Collects: 150 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art brings together nearly 90 hidden treasures by some of the most renowned artists of the modern era.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Instructor Open House at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro

Information on an open house at the ArtsCenter
Instructor Open House,
2-5pm, Saturday, August 27
at The ArtsCenter!
Meet our ArtSchool Instructors, and see free demonstrations of ceramics, jewelry making, stained glass, photo darkroom, bellydance, collage, digital arts, and MUCH more!
Discounts on Fall Courses will be available during the Open House!
We hope to see you here!

To register for an ArtSchool class, or to browse our fall catalog online, click here.

Thanks so much for your support of The ArtsCenter!
Phaedra Kelly
ArtSchool Director

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Never thought I'd include Monkey Bottom in a post title...

...but here it is.  The Monkey Bottom Collaborative is a new four artist collaborative in the heart of Durham.  Their grand goal "is to foster the creative community spirit in Durham" in their space at 609 Trent Drive.  Check them out at their blog or click their Like button on Facebook.  I can't wait to visit!

From http://themonkeybottom.blogspot.com/
As an aside my friend Maggi Grace is planning the launch party for Sixth Sense Caring there soon.  For more on the Sixth Sense Caring project go here or there.   In a nutshell "Sixth Sense Caring introduces a unique framework to personalize and enrich the caregiving experience."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carrboro Music Festival lineup announced for Sunday, September 25th 2011

The Carrboro Music Festival is always a fun event.  It is staged all over Carrboro, indoors and outdoors with an incredibly diverse lineup and it's.....free!  Be there, Sunday September 25th starting at 1 pm.

Find some good background info here and here.  A PDF of the lineup is here

My recommendation?  Walk around a lot, find something that sounds good and hang out.  Drink a beer.  Rinse and repeat. Here are a couple of things on my list:

3:00 Magnolia Klezmer Band- Eastern European Jewish party music at the ArtsCenter
5:00 The Kingsbury Manx at the Milltown patio
5:00 Tim Smith and Eileen Regan and Friends- the Big Celtic fun at the Town Commons- Weaver Street Realty Stage 
6:15 Tim Smith Band- Original World Soul Music at the Weaver Street Market
8:00 Mike Babyak’s Triple Fret- Rock, World, & Jazz at the GlassHalfull/Fifth Season Gardening lot
9:00 Triangle Jazz Orchestra- Big Band Swing also at the ArtsCenter 

and how about:

9:00 New Town Drunks- Stream of Consciousness Folk Rock  (Just because I like the name and the description of the music!)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ron Liberti gets a 20-year career retrospective at the Ackland Museum Store

Ron Liberti posters, mostly for concerts at Cats Cradle and other Triangle clubs, are legendary in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. It's great to have a retrospective of his work showing at the excellent new Ackland Museum (UNC-Chapel Hill) store in downtown Chapel Hill. The Independent has a nice feature and here's a small sample.
Liberti's technique has steadily improved over the years—pivotally, he switched over from photocopying to screen-printing—but his essential vision has been remarkably consistent, blending hand-made care, punk energy, mischievous humor, and high-impact contemporary design. He favors manipulated faces, audacious fonts, space-warping background textures, and bold color blocks of electric neons and creamy pastels.
Camera Obscura -- Courtesy Ron Liberti

An article on cutting-edge online galleries

ArtInfo online is the place to go if you like following the art world beyond the friendly confines of the Paris of the Piedmont.  It keeps you up-to-date on US and international art happenings and has some wonderful reporters/bloggers with Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes my favorite.  I suggest signing up for the daily digest.  Last week they had an interesting focus on online art galleries.  Here's a sample:
Bubblebyte.org, run by English artist Rhys Coren and Italian new media curator Attilia Fattori Franchini is among the most active of the online-only spaces, presenting six unique solo exhibitions since January. "We love that the Internet can reach huge, diverse audiences and can bypass the bureaucracy of the whole commercial gallery/public space system," Coren wrote to me in an email. "We just realized we could get the work we loved out there for free."
Courtesy of BubbleByte.org

Check it out!

Less than 2 weeks to submit your film to the Carrboro Film Fest at the discounted rate!

August 20 is the last date to get a price break on your film submittal to the 6th Annual Carrboro Film Festival.  After that the price goes from a measly $10 per film to an outrageous $15 per film.  But, hey, a fiver is a couple of cups of coffee or two cheap beers!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More publicity for the Carrboro Film Festival!

Thanks Valerie!  Already 23 films received as of today.


KIng of Carrboro dead at 73

 I only spoke to Robert Harman once and, like many things in our wonderful town, it was an odd experience.  I enjoyed seeing him weaving around town on his or strumming his beat up guitar outside Open Eye Coffee.  Read the tribute at the Carrboro Citizen link below.


Robert Harman © Carrboro Citizen, 2011

Update: German Exhibition at the Ackland held over by popular demand!

You've got till this Sunday the 24th and then that's all folks.  It's an exciting exhibit and quite a treat.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

End of the German art exhibitions at the Ackland

From my email inbox....

German Art Exhibitions in their Final Days!
On View through Sunday, July 10:
Romantic Dreams Rude Awakenings: Northern European Prints and Drawings, 1840-1940
"Last Look" Tour with Curator Timothy Riggs: Sunday, July 10, 2:15 PM
Free - no reservation required.

DE-NATURED: German Art from Joseph Beuys to Martin Kippenberger
Last Look tour with Curator Peter Nisbet: Sunday, July 10, 3:00 PM
Free - no reservation required.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2nd Friday Artwalk on July 8th -- CJ Calvin at the Century Center

The Carrboro Art Committee displays art at 2 venues in town, the Century Center at 100 N. Greensboro and Town Hall on Main Street.  Here's the new show at the Century Center:
Fun and funky, colorful and creative. This show brings the unique imagery of CJ Calvin to life. His friendly monsters and odd, but happy looking people capture the hearts of all ages! See more of his work at www.cjcalvin.com.
They will be sponsoring a reception so stop on by!

Copyright CJ Calvin.  Visit http://www.cjcalvin.com/gallery/ to see more

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saxapahaw the next Austin? Washington Post on my old stomping grounds

As many of you know (and I've mentioned before) Saxapahaw is a small unincorporated town just over the county line from Orange into Alamance.  It's an old textile mill town in North Carolina west of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Saxapahaw Lake and the dam that provided energy to the mill are still intact.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A wonderful show and a sad goodbye

Last night I attended the Joe Ely show at the ArtsCenter.  The medium sized crowd (for what should have been a sellout) was remarkably enthusiastic and brought Joe and his top-notch band back for two encores.  The combination of a terrific musical retrospective of his long career was used as a way to showcase some wonderful new tunes from his latest cd available at Amazon or iTunes.

From http://www.ely.com/

Monday, June 13, 2011

The creative economy and economic development

I was contacted recently about the creative economy and how arts and creativity impact community economic success.  It was partly about a Webinar a colleague and I had conducted on how to measure the creative economy.  The fellow, an economic development professional named Dean Barber, ultimately posted an interesting blog post on the topic entitled "How the Governor Got His Groove On."  Read it here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inside the Artists Studio on WCOM FM 103.5

My first show filling in for Molly Matlock. To listen either tune in to 103.5 FM or go to http://wcomfm.org/ and click on the streaming link.

Here's who I'll be interviewing according to the Town of Chapel Hill's press release:
Chapel Hill welcomes the monks of Drepung Gomang Monastery; a window into another culture.  The tour begins with an opening ceremony on May 22, 2011 at 523 E. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, NC. The monks will complete their sacred sand mandala over the course of five days and will hold a deconstruction ceremony on May 30, 2011. The mandala construction site will be open to the public from May 22 until May 30.
The Mandala, Tibetan sand painting, is an ancient art form of Tibetan Buddhism. The mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “cosmogram” or “world in harmony.” Mandalas are drawings in three-dimensional forms of sand. In Tibetan, this art is called dul-tson-kyilkhor which means “mandala of colored powders.”  The monks begin by consecrating the site of the mandala sand painting with approximately 30 minutes of chants, music and mantra recitation. This event is visually and acoustically striking.
Throughout the monks visit, there will be classes for children and adults.  The classes include sand painting and creating butter sculptures in the Losar tradition taking place May 27-29.  100% of all proceeds go directly to support, educate, house, feed, and clothe nearly 2000 refugee monks living at the Drepung Gomang Monastery in Southern India.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The arts are not free!

The arts are always an easy mark when the government needs/wants to reduce spending.  Now when health, roads,  and schools are facing drastic cuts the arts are even under greater attack.  Here are a couple of articles that describe what is likely to the happen in NC if those in power in the legislature have their way:

The News & Observer
The Charlotte Observer

Do what you can.

Friday, May 20, 2011

And if you want to help the Scrap Exchange survive....

From their blog:

A Call for Volunteers

Hello fabulous community we need volunteers please! All are welcome....
The Liberty Warehouse tenants would love your help this weekend moving out of their spaces. We are all scrambling to get our stuff out by Monday May 23rd, and if you come to the Scrap at 548 Foster St. this weekend, we can also let you know about the others that need assistance.

Like Gloria Gaynor, the Scrap Exchange says "I Will Survive!"

Many of you have heard the news that a recent storm collapsed (literally) the roof over the head of the Scrap Exchange.  The city of Durham has condemned the building.  Paraphrasing John Belushi in "Goin' South" the Exchange said "We don't need this stinkin' building" and promptly moved across the street.

It is not going to be easy for this real treasure of the left half of the Triangle.  But they write "We’re operating from 539 Foster Street while we try to figure out what is coming next and what our options are."

To keep up with their journey back from the abyss check out their blog.  Musical interlude below the fold.

Town of Chapel Hill Locally Grown Rooftop Music and Movies

We (Carrboroites) have music on the grass at Weaver Street Market.  For those in the little town to our east their is music and a movie at Wallace Plaza on top of the Wallace Parking Deck at 150 East Rosemary Street.  Here's what they say about it:
It's official, folks!  This summer Locally Grown brings you an excellent line up of the areas most talented bands and sensational films guaranteed to spice up your Thursday evenings all summer long.  Pssst!  It's always free.

Bring a chair or blanket and come early to find your perfect seats.  Concerts and movies will begin June 23rd and run through August every Thursday night.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm on the radio now...well not this minute!

I will be a sometime host of the Inside the Artists Studio show on WCOM 103.5 Community Supported Radio serving Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Molly Matlock, Executive Director of Chatham Arts, has been hosting weekly but asked me and others if we could do shows to lessen her load.

Show details:

Tusedays from 4 - 5 pm.
Live stream @ www.wcomfm.org.
Inside the Arts blog

My first show will be next Tuesday, May 24th and I'll be speaking with a monk from the Drepung Gomang Monastery who is visiting the area on the Sacred Arts Tour 2011.  It ought to be interesting.  Send me questions ahead of time to lighten my load!  More info on their Facebook page, their website or the New York Times.  The Town of Chapel Hill press release is below.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

REMINDER: Tix available for the Love Language & Old Ceremony show in Sax

May 27th is the day!  This is a must go show to ring in the new Haw River BallroomGo here for tickets or stop in at the Saxapahaw General Store.

In a bit of self promotion.....I went to the Ticketfly site where you can buy tickets.  I scrolled down a bit and found the section describing Love Language.  It has a "Watch" button which opens up with my video (recorded on my iPhone) of LL doing "Brittany's Back" at Cats Cradle!  This is the link to the Ticketfly page or go straight to YouTube

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A one off on Superchunk

Here's an interview with Mac McCaughan of Superchunk and Merge Records fame on his and the band's love for the cult band The Misfits

UNC Ackland Art Museum store opens on Franklin Street

The long awaited Ackland Museum Store opens today (3 minutes ago actually) on the corner of Franklin and Columbia in downtown Chapel Hill, just a stones throw from the Museum itself.  Here's what they say about the store:
The Store's inventory includes home décor items such as pottery, glass, and metalwork; kitchen and tabletop items; jewelry and accessories; children's toys and books; and stationery. Books about art history and criticism, contemporary art and design, and culture and lifestyles are also available, as well as books by UNC and regional authors and artists' monographs.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another great story on people in the arts in the area: Heather Lagarde

Anyone who knows Saturday afternoon in the summer in Saxaphahaw also knows Heather Lagarde and her bright yellow plastic swan.  As the crowd, newborns to elders, sits on the grass listening to the music, snacking and drinking wine (well, not the newborns), Heather walks around with the swan taking offerings to the band.  It takes Heather quite a while to make the rounds and she does it several times.  It takes time for two reasons.  First, the event has become popular so there are many offerings to be accepted. Second, Heather knows everyone and everyone wants to chat with her, find out what's up and just say hi.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yes one more art venue -- this time in Raleigh

The long, winding journey of the Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum ends this weekend with its opening  in downtown west Raleigh.  A gentleman and photographer named John Morris has a marvelous blog called Goodnight, Raleigh that has a lengthy post on the museum, its history and the development of the building with some excellent before, during and after shots. John begins his post...

This weekend the Contemporary Art Museum will officially open with a catered street festival and black tie event Friday, and the free admission official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday.
It’s my belief that CAM’s opening in this beautiful building in the Warehouse District is the greatest thing to happen to Downtown Raleigh since the new Convention Center opened almost three years ago.
This weeks Independent also has a couple of features on the museum here and here.  One of John's photos of the building is linked below.

Copyright John Morris

Friday, April 29, 2011

Another arts venue???

From the News & Observer Campus Notes Blog. Hmmm?? The idea is to have the old Chapel Hill Museum building at 523 E. Franklin St. become a joint UNC-CH-Town of Chapel Hill space for art and art events.  The blog post includes the UNC-CH proposal by Distinguished Professor of Art elin o'Hara slavik which begins:
523 East Franklin will be named CHART to be able to promote, brand and support the space as a location to be visited. It will be a collaborative project space between the town of Chapel Hill (Jeff York, Public Arts Administrator) and UNC’s Art Department (Professor elin o’Hara slavick), with a 3-year renewable contract/lease with an "out clause" for both parties.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Call for musicians for the 14th Annual Carrboro Music Festival

The 14th Annual Carrboro Music Festival will be held on Sunday, September 25th, 2011.  If you'd like to apply to perform go here for both a printable PDF or online submittal. Whatever type of music you play, it likely fits the bill for Carrboro!

Please note:  applications are due by July 10th.

Here's a video by my talented friend Nic Berry from 2005:

Carrboro Music Festival - BeeryMedia.com from BeeryMedia.com on Vimeo.

Keeping up with artist opportunities

From the NC Arts Council on keeping up with artist opportunities:

The N.C. Arts Council is pleased to share the following opportunities for artists that have recently been submitted to us. Please contact the organization listed if you have any questions.
 The Arts Council does not endorse or recommend any specific opportunities, but provides this list for information only. We encourage artists to research each opportunity thoroughly before applying. Artist opportunities may be submitted to jennifer.huggins@ncdcr.gov.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two great music shows coming up at the Artscenter

Joe Ely on June 18th brings the best in Americana and David Wilcox on July 11 the best in singer-songwriter folk.  Tickets links: Joe Ely and David Wilcox

Joe Ely on Flickr

Art discussion on the radio at WCOM FM 103.5

Carrboro's very own community radio, WCOM 103.5, provides all kinds of interesting programming: music, politics, African-American and Latino issues, energy, health, etc.  The schedule is here.

For our purposes, its the arts that is important and there are a number of shows that address a range of artistic endeavors.  For now I am going to ignore music shows where the focus is a Deejay spinning CDs.

How about the Book Beat or Inside the Artists Studio with interviews and discussion on books and visual art respectively?  Or the compendium of what's going on in the arts locally with Jackie Helvey and Valerie Schwartz called The West End Report on the Arts?  Then there is Readings With Tobin Logan
which focuses on children's literature. 

The radio station is streamed here but I listen to it using the TuneIn Radio app on my iPhone.

Last chance for photographers out there

The deadline for entries into the ArtsCenter 18th Annual Community Photography Contest is fast approaching.  In fact it's this Saturday, April 30th.  Download your application form and pick up that old Brownie camera.  Or maybe just use your iPhone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good news, bad news (but the good kicks ass on the bad)

Old Ceremony, one of my favorite bands, wanted to tour Europe but one little old thing got in the way. Cash. Moola, Greenbacks. Coinage. Dough. Bread. Scratch. Mazuma. They needed not one but $4,999 smackers to be exact.

So they went to Kickstarter and setup their own little piggy bank.  What exactly is Kickstarter you say? Ask and I deliver:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wow: The Haw River Ballroom opening on May 27!

With Love Language opening for the New Ceremony. Two of my favorite bands playing in my old stomping grounds/home out in Saxapahaw.  Nothing much on the website yet but bookmark it anyway.

If you're on Facebook go and click the Like button at their page.