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Monday, February 8, 2010

February the 12th 2ndFriday Artwalk in Carrboro

Hopefully we'll have better weather than we've been having on 2nd Friday and people will be able to get out.  Here are a couple of things that you should put on your agenda:

Carrboro Town Hall.  301 W. Main St Suite A, Carrboro, 919.942.8541. "In the Middle of the Storm" - Paintings by Ben Gunter. Ben's imaginative representational and abstract works are explosions of color in acrylic, ink, tempera, and mixed media.

Ben is an interesting young man and I know he'd love to see a big crowd. There'll be a nice reception. Also Laura Holley's photos will be at the Century Center for another month.

Fleet Feet Headquarters. 406 E Main St., Carrboro, 919.942.3102. Peter Filene taught American History at UNC until his retirement last year. He remains busy writing fiction, shooting photographs and with his grandchildren. His images portray couples in parks, cafés and subways in Paris and New York including “Excerpts” enlarging certain details-a cheek half-covered by a hat, a pair of hands.

I saw Peter's photography on 2009 Orange County Artist tour and really was impressed.

My show is coming down at Weaver Street Realty but I'm sure they've got a good new show starting this Friday. Thanks to WSR for letting me show my work over the last 2 months! Here's what's next:

Weaver Street Realty. 116 E. Main Street, Carrboro, 919.929.5658. Hannah Shumaker and Ginna Earl are inspired by local flora, farms, and fauna. We'll share an eclectic blend of gorgeous ceramics, jewelry, Gocco print cards, and hand-dyed silk - as well as luxurious goatsmilk soaps and body treats made with local ingredients. Online at www.vespertinecafe.com.

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