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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tomorrow is the big night for the 1st Annual Carrboro Community Art Project!

We will start our celebration of the 1st Annual Carrboro Community Art Project this Friday, May 14th during the 101st 2nd Friday Artwalk at Carrboro Town Hall. The Town's new Poet Laureate Jay Bryan will start the festivities at Town Hall with a poem at 6:30 followed by a performance by the Scene of Crime Rovers, a marching band unlike any you've ever seen. The Indy's Grayson Currin described them as "an evolving Durham collective of out-minded people, musicians or not, as a marching band unlike anything you could have imagined." Check them out here.

Lucky's Starlight Lounge, "an old fashioned jazz duo with a swanky modern twist" will play at the Century Center starting at 7:30 They play an eclectic mix of jazz standards, lounge music and unexpected revisions of old and contemporary favorites. Follow them on Facebook!

We will host receptions at both Town Hall and the Century Center where the 60+ pieces of art are hanging from 6-9 during the ArtWalk. We encourage artists to bring beverages or finger food (no utensils needed) to the reception.

Another thing: check out the great new 2ndFriday logo below!  My favorite part of the logo?  Obviously the patron walking off with a piece of art that left some money in an artist's pocket and a spring in her step!

Last thing: Read Debbie Meyer's column on the 101st ArtWalk here.  Here is a photo from the article of Ed Camp, Exec Director of the ArtsCenter and Jackie Helvey, our own Ms. Carrboro.

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