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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jackie Helvey Week in Carrboro

Last night the Town of Carrboro Board of Alderman honored Ms. Jackie Helvey and declared the first week of May "Jackie Helvey Week in Carrboro".  Mayor Mark Chilton noted that he believes this is the first time Carrboro has given anyone a week.  Plenty of Carrboro days but no weeks.  Here's the text of the resolution:

Resolution No.

WHEREAS, Ms. Jackie Helvey has been an untiring advocate for the arts in Carrboro; and 

WHEREAS, Ms. Jackie Helvey was an original member of the Town of Carrboro Arts Committee; and 

WHEREAS, Jackie was a founder of the annual Carrboro Music Festival; and

WHEREAS, her efforts were instrumental in the creation of the Carrboro Film Festival; and

WHEREAS, she has helped build the 2ndFriday Artwalk into a premier art event imitated across the state, and

WHEREAS, she has been the unofficial and award-winning photographer at Carrboro community events for more than a decade; and

WHEREAS, her website carrboro.com is the Internet gateway to the Paris of the Piedmont; and

WHEREAS, her radio show, The West End Report on WCOM 103.5 FM, and the People’s Channel “The Wacqueline Stern Show” have featured local artists of all types; and

WHEREAS, her work has helped create a community that honors, supports and sustains the arts; and

WHEREAS, her decade of service on the Town of Carrboro Arts Committee as both member and Chair has advanced the cause of the arts within our community; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen give Jackie Helvey its thanks and applause; and


Section I. On behalf of the Town of Carrboro and its citizens, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen declare the first week of May 2011 to be Jackie Helvey Week in the Town of Carrboro.

Section II. This resolution shall be entered into the official minutes of the Board of Aldermen and a copy therefore shall be delivered to Ms. Helvey.

Section III. This resolution shall become effective upon adoption.
The foregoing resolution having been submitted to a vote received the following vote and was duly adopted this 5th day of April 2011
 The Arts Committee did its part in the honoring by presenting Jackie a wonderful statute that we commissioned from Mike Roig, a great local metal sculptor.  Here's a picture Jackie posted on the piece:

Sculpture by Mike Roig, photo by Jackie Helvey

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