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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mark Scalco Smoke Photography May-June Show at Carrboro Century Center

The Town of Carrboro Arts Committee will have two shows opening in May with receptions during the 2ndFriday ArtWalk May 11th from 6-9pm.

At the Century Center (newly painted with a new hanging system), 100 N. Greensboro, Carrboro 27510 we'll have Mark Scalco showing his "Smoke Photography". Here's an example:

The Light Keeper, copyright Mark Scalco

Mark describes his work as follows (from his Flickr page linked above)
My photography has taken a turn, of late. After reading about several different forms of abstract photography, I became addicted to smoke photography. This is a peculiar little niche in photography circles, but I've always been attracted to the more artsy and abstract photos. I also noticed that many of the creations I was making began to have a Rorschach quality about them, a feature I enjoy as a Psychologist.

I want to thank all of the flickr participants who have commented on my photos or listed me as a contact. It has been a rewarding experience to see that others appreciate what I am doing, and to enjoy and be inspired by their successes as well. Please also check out my group Smoke and Mirrors.

I'll followup with info on an exciting shows of paintings at the Carrboro Town Hall

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